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Obsession of the week: “The Amazing Spider-Man” in theaters

Amazing he is. And when I say he, I mean Andrew Garfield. The man brings a loveable, personal quality to the Peter Parker character, something Tobey Maguire never quite mastered. It also helps that the screenplay allowed the emotional moments to not just exist, but move forward the story.

Emma Stone impresses as usual as Gwen Stacy. Both Stone, 23, and Garfield, 28, pass as high schoolers thanks to some great one-liners that take me back to the years of teenage angst. Their on-screen love story is so real it’s no wonder their relationship blossomed off-screen.

The film was worth seeing in 3-D because of some cool technology used at Oscorp Labs, as well as the high-flying, web-slinging scenes atop New York City’s skyscrapers. The very last shot before the credits was obviously meant just for the goofy glasses-wearing viewers. But friends who saw the 2-D version left the theater feeling just as satisfied, for 3-D does not a good movie make.

Music stream of the week: fun. At The 9:30 Club, NPR concert

This band is one of my new favorites. They are quirky and, well, fun! I can hear the ’80s pop and rock influences, which as anyone can tell you, I love.

I’ll admit I was a bit tired of “We Are Young,” their explosive hit off their second album, “Some Nights.” But as soon as the New York City band released the disc’s title track, I was back to chanting the crowd-ready, anthemic choruses of both songs.

Enjoy this 80-minute performance from May 3, which NPR kindly streamed live and continues to provide access for those who missed it. You don’t need to be at Club 9:30 in D.C. to participate in the dancing Nate Ruess commands near the close of the concert.

Sounds like … of the week: Conor Maynard’s “Can’t Say No” sounds like Jesse McCartney

Remember Jesse McCartney? My middle sister saw him open up for Jordin Sparks once and she bought me a poster, which I still have.

Well usher in the latest teen to sing songs about girls, Conor Maynard, who is 19 and not related to our bachelorette, Emily, at least I don’t think he is. I expect Conor will ride the One Direction train and become quite popular because of his Britishness. Oh yeah, and the fact he can sing pretty.

Compare Maynard’s “Can’t Say No” with McCartney’s “It’s Over” and tell me you don’t hear the similarities.

And to try to prove Maynard is actually talented and not just another cutie with floppy hair from across the pond, here he is covering Katy Perry’s “E.T.” His album drops July 30.

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Picks Of The Week

Obsession of the week: Kimbra’s “Vows.”

Kimbra's "Vows"

The 22-year-old New Zealander first caught my ear in her featured role on Gotye’s massive hit “Somebody That I Used To Know.” She released her debut album stateside May 22 and it is stellar. Ease into her vibe by listening to “Warrior” featuring DJ A-Trak and Mark Foster (of Foster the People) or dive right into “Come Into My Head,” a song Katy Perry or Britney Spears would sing if they were sophisticated. Buy “Vows” on Amazon for $6! The first track, “Settle Down” is free for a limited time.

Video of the week: Yahoo!’s “Burning Love”  Web series.

I am four episodes into my inaugural season of “The Bachelorette,” so this smart parody series is a perfect companion piece. Everyone is spot on in making fun of the quirkiest parts of the long-running ABC series. Watch for a mini “Party Down” reunion in Episode 3.

Music stream of the week: “Rock of Ages: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”.

Rock Of Ages

Cast of “Rock of Ages”

After seeing the traveling Broadway version of this kooky show in November 2011, I am stoked to see the film when it’s released June 15. Before then, take a listen to several great actors take on some rockin’ ’80s tunes.

Controversy of the week: “America’s Got Talent” and the singing, possibly injured veteran.

Looks like NBC’s show with the bad grammar title is in a bit of hot water after contestant Timothy Poe claimed he was injured by a grenade while fighting overseas in the military, said he speaks with a stutter and performed a moving rendition of Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” The singing wasn’t the best, but the story leading up to the reveal of Poe’s voice was what gave the performance the emotional punch. America and the show’s producers are now learning most of Poe’s story (namely the injury/stutter part) might be false.

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