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Olympics: Commercials

The Olympics bring two-weeks worth of commercials, many of which are made specifically to coincide with the big event. You get the Morgan Freeman-narrated Visa ones, the celebrity-endorsed Subway shorts, and the kooky local bits.

My favorite advertisement shown during the Games doesn’t even mention the Olympics, but it sure makes me laugh every time I see it. “I’m only human.”



Are there any new commercials you’ve seen for the Olympics that you just love? Get your heart all warm and fuzzy? Make you jump up and down shouting, “U-S-A!” then maybe shed a tear or two?

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  1. Mom says:

    I actually got to watch the commercials this go-around (what little Olympics I saw) without my entertainment coordinator around to fast-forward through them. He’ s like that, you know.

    I like the commercial where Matthew Perry is plugging his new show, pointing out to Shawn Johnson in a support group how she is a loser. “Actually… I have a gold medal, so I’m a winner”, she says. “Yes, but you have three silvers, so… loser, loser, loser.”

    The commercial in my opinion is good from beginning to end, and I laugh every time.

    • Ah yes! I love that one, too! Most of the commercials for the new NBC shows are funny (as Molly points out below, the one for “The New Normal” is quite hilarious).

      I’m so excited Matthew Perry is going to be back on the network this fall.

  2. salterent says:

    Reblogged this on Salter Entertainment Group and commented:
    We are obsessed with commercials and the Olympics, so it makes perfect sense why this is right up our alley. Check out this reblog to see what Chloe O’Connor thinks of the Olympics-targeted ads flooding our TVs and out minds.

  3. frogmartian says:

    Of course I love that commercial. I also love the Omega commercial with the “Start Me Up” song, and the NBC show one that says “The Olympics are all about rising up and failing, in front of millions of people.” But you already knew all of those! Oh well.

    • I heard “Start Me Up” on the TV last night and said to myself, “Hey, Molly likes this commercial! And I love this song!”

      I sure hope “The New Normal” lives up to the hilarity the commercials provide. But you already knew that.

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