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I Quit Sugar: Week 8

Eight weeks! It has come and gone in a flash. I have to remember the things I’ve learned and not slip out of my new ways. I have come too far to relapse.

And just in time for a big trial — traveling and eating. It’s hard to eat well when eating out and not cooking for oneself. I have promised myself I will make a conscious effort to look for the best choice on a menu, and to ask questions so I know what I’m putting in my mouth. No hidden sugars for me!


I expect I will be dining like this every night, bib and hat included. Senator Owen Brewster (left) and Ann (Mrs. Oscar) Chapman chow down on seafood at the Maine State Society lobster dinner in the Department of the Interior cafeteria in 1951.

I expect I will be dining like this every night, bib and hat included. Senator Owen Brewster (left) and Ann (Mrs. Oscar) Chapman chow down on seafood at the Maine State Society lobster dinner in the Department of the Interior cafeteria in 1951.



Now time for the giveaway! Selected randomly from the tons of comments, the winner is … Myra Ann! Congrats! I’ll be emailing your copy of Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” very soon. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.


Thanks for following me on this journey. The encouragement, the questions, all of you, have helped make these last eight weeks an education!



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Picks Of The Week

Obsession of the week: Colorado

How much do I love this 39th Telluride Film Festival poster by Dave Eggers? Oh so much.

How much do I love this 39th Telluride Film Festival poster by Dave Eggers? Oh so much.


How could I not be obsessed? I head to the beautiful mountain state in just about a week for the first time since I moved to Arkansas in October 2010. Also, it’s my first vacation longer than four days since then, so needless to say, I am ready for a temporary change of pace.

The whole trip was planned around attending the Telluride Film Festival during Labor Day weekend. I had a taste of the event a few years back but didn’t get to attend any movies. After my parents sat in front of director Michael Hazanavicius at the Telluride screening of his film, “The Artist,” I knew I couldn’t miss 2012’s fest. My mom also waved at George Clooney — who she says waved back — and she and my dad ate dinner in the same room as Tilda Swinton.

Neither the attendees nor films are announced until days before, so I’m looking forward to being surprised, rubbing elbows with industry greats (if I’m so lucky) and seeing what I expect will be fabulous cinematic gems.

Don’t even think about robbing my apartment while I’m away, folks. The roommate is still around and she’s good at beating off intruders (by sleep-talking them away). She’s fierce. Like the University of Colorado fight song, which I grew up singing at women’s basketball games (because I didn’t attend the school in the end).


Viral video of the week: “Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra”

Wally, aka Gotye, emailed to his fans this video compilation he put together. It mixes some of the best YouTube covers of his smash hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” I was very happy to see Pentatonix, an absolutely amazing a capella group, get some generous screen time. There’s also a smooth sax, Ingrid Michaelson and a choir in formalwear.


Note to my dear readers: It is time I took a little hiatus, what with vacation and my twice-a-year teaching gig fast approaching. I will not post Picks of the Week for the next four weeks. I’ll miss all y’all’s comments!

There will be one final I Quit Sugar post Sunday. Don’t forget, it’s a giveaway. Bust over to last week’s post and comment for a chance to win Sarah Wilson’s e-book. You can read it on your computer, e-reader, tablet, laptop hooked to your TV, whatever!

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I Quit Sugar: Week 7

My experiment is winding down. But I’ve learned so much! I haven’t had the time lately to try the recipes Sarah Wilson has in her book, but that’s OK. I have the rest of my life.

I fell off the wagon one day this week. It was a bad day and I was weak. I put chocolate creamer in my coffee at work, then ate a salad with a sugar-filled dressing. The good news is I didn’t get down on myself but realized how what I did affected my body. If I feel like crap after eating sugar, what’s the point in eating it?

I fell off a wagon similar to this one from Aug. 1909. I feel bad for that wee littl' piggy. But those dogs are lucky to hitch a ride to wherever they're going.

I fell off a wagon similar to this one from August 1909. I feel bad for that wee lil’ piggy. But those dogs are lucky to hitch a ride to wherever they’re going.

My mom (who is also working to cut sugar from her diet) commented to me about how treats don’t tempt her anymore. I’ve noticed the same thing. I look at the sweets, and think, “Mmm, yum, that looks delicious!” But I don’t need nor want to eat it. I think I’ll make it to the winter holidays without falling too far away from where I’ve come. Christmastime is expected to be difficult, but I’ll deal with that come December.

Giveaway time! While one reader suggested I give away the bag of brown sugar in the back of my pantry, and another (who voted twice … can’t imagine who it is) said “A magical unicorn” and “I already told you I want a magical unicorn,” I am giving away …

A copy of Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” e-book! Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Comment below about your favorite no-sugar snack. What is it and why do you love it? I want to hear your suggestions!
  • I will randomly choose a name from those who comment (I will email the winner their gift, so use a valid email when you log in!).
  • Deadline to comment is Saturday, Aug. 18 at 11:59 p.m. Central. So get to commenting!

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Picks Of The Week: Olympics Edition, Part 2

Obsession of the week: Closing Ceremonies

Spice Girls

At my sixth-grade birthday party, a bunch o’ girls and I dressed up as the Spice Girls and danced around in my basement. The carpet was blue and made a great stage to showcase our incomparable talent.


Boy, am I glad I created my British music playlist earlier in the week; the title of Sunday’s show is “A Symphony of British Music.” I had no idea, I promise!

Entertainment Weekly reports the Spice Girls will reunite! The magazine also says Muse will be on hand to perform their gosh-darn-awful Olympics theme song. I’ll be sad to see the Summer Games go, but it sure has been fun, London.

The best part of the Closing Ceremonies? I get to watch them with Dad and the littlest sister, who will be arriving for a short visit after a road trip to Indy.


Music stream of the week: Olympics Training Playlist

Speaking of playlists, the roomie created an excellent one to pump you up as you train for the Olympics (or, you know, workout). Included in the list is a Carly Rae song, so this is obviously a Chloe-approved mix.


Inspiring female athletes of the week: Aly Raisman, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings.


  • Raisman, 18, shocked us all by beating out Jordyn Wieber in the women’s gymnastics all-around qualifiers. We probably shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Raisman captained the team at the Summer Games. She helped the Fab Five win gold. And this week she competed individually in the balance beam and the floor — on the same day! — taking home the bronze and the gold, respectfully. It took a last-second petition to convince the judges she deserved a medal on beam, but her floor routine was so perfect, I was moved to tears. It also helps Raisman never has a sour look on her face like a certain team member of hers. You better click that link. It’s hilarious!
  • The beach volleyball duo that was May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings ended on a super high note Wednesday night. The ladies won their third consecutive Olympic gold, dropping only one set in the last three Games. If that’s not amazing, tell me what is. I’ll be sad at their absence come Rio, as they are retiring from playing the sport together, but as my mom put it, “They were a great team who really put beach volleyball on the map.”


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Olympics: Commercials

The Olympics bring two-weeks worth of commercials, many of which are made specifically to coincide with the big event. You get the Morgan Freeman-narrated Visa ones, the celebrity-endorsed Subway shorts, and the kooky local bits.

My favorite advertisement shown during the Games doesn’t even mention the Olympics, but it sure makes me laugh every time I see it. “I’m only human.”



Are there any new commercials you’ve seen for the Olympics that you just love? Get your heart all warm and fuzzy? Make you jump up and down shouting, “U-S-A!” then maybe shed a tear or two?

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