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I Quit Sugar: Week 1

Folks drinking tea in a tree house

These folks enjoy a nice cup of tea in a tree house.
I get to drink lots of tea, just hold the sugar!

I survived! OK, there never was a doubt I wouldn’t. But I already can tell the effects of the changes I’ve made.

In week one, Sarah Wilson, author of “I Quit Sugar,” suggests you start to cut back. Don’t completely ban sugar in the first week. It’s too much pressure and you only want to eat more!

This week I took the time to really read labels, looking for those hidden sugars in the ingredients. Sugar is everywhere! I also tried new foods: kale, green peppers as a snack, spicy pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs from Ozark Natural Foods.

Two men standing in a large kale field or patch near Hillsboro, Oregon, in 1910.

Two men stand in a large kale field or patch near Hillsboro in Oregon. I bet my farmers market kale tastes just as good as these leafy greens from 1910.

I stopped eating desserts (save for one piece of key lime pie at the end of the week), haven’t had a piece of candy or chocolate in a week, cleaned out my house of tempting snacks, and gave the goods to my co-workers.

Another thing I committed to this week was to do yoga for at least 10 minutes every day. I missed one day so I’m going to give myself a B+ on exercise.

I had two food trials for week one:

  • A baby shower. I was gorging on carrots when a pal pointed out carrots have tons of sugar. I had no idea! I switched to the hummus and Triscuits, and steered clear of the pretty, pudding-filled cupcakes.
  • A minor league baseball game.The game was surprisingly more tempting than the shower where all the food was right in front of me and free. At the game it was all about the smells. And the snow cone the roommate bought. And the lady in front of me eating cotton candy. Pure sugar! The fact I would have had to buy those sticky sweet treats probably kept me from splurging. My pumpkin seeds in my bag were helpful, too.
Kid with cotton candy

This kid can’t wait for Mom to finish taking the picture so he can gobble down his cotton candy.

Changes I’ve noticed:

  • No longer bloated. I put on a pair of jeans straight out of the dryer and I didn’t have to suck anything in!
  • Sleeping better. It might be the yoga about an hour before bed or the cutting back on sugar, but I fall asleep faster. I also don’t wake up multiple times during the night.

On to week two!


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8 Responses

  1. kiirsti says:

    I’m not so sure I could be as successful. Even giving up chocolate for a week would be a challenge.

    Is the sugar you find in fruits and veggies all that bad though? Or were you just trying to give up all sugar completely? I guess I could avoid food with added sugar if I wanted slightly less of a challenge.

    Anyways, good job, best of luck, and thanks for posting :)

    • Come week three of this experimemt, fruit is off limits, at least until the sugar habit is broken. Wilson explains in her book that fructose is fructose, no matter if it’s in a candy bar or a banana. In a few weeks I’ll reintroduce fruit, but try to eat ones with lower fructose content such as kiwis and strawberries! Thanks for asking such a great question!

  2. Mom says:

    Because I always seem to comment on the photos, one might think all I do is look at the pictures. But who cares? Here’s my comment- The pictures made me chuckle! They lightened up the feel of a more serious blog. Keep up the good work on both sugar elimination and writing.

  3. J says:

    good job, Chloe—I’m so impressed! I’ve never been able to quit sugar outright… even when I was a vegan (for a year), I had to have my sugary treats. :)

    • Thank you, J! I can tell it’s going to be a ton more difficult in a few days here when I finish week two and move to absolutely no sugar. Willpower and knowledge will mean everything!

  4. frogmartian says:

    Sorry I ate that snow cone in front of you.

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