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Classic film series: Rear Window (1954)

I have no problem with a director falling in love with an actor and using him in nearly every film the director makes. My favorite actors and directors are collaborators: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock.

Stewart and Hitchcock only made four films together before going their separate ways (Hitchcock blamed Stewart’s age on Vertigo‘s failure to attract audiences in 1958). My favorite of their movies together is Rear Window (1954). Not only does Stewart show off his acting by spending the entire film in his apartment stuck in a wheelchair with his left leg in a cast, but the story keeps you engaged from start to finish. It’s a murder mystery with a bit of glamour (thanks to the delightful Grace Kelly) and one of Hitchcock’s finest pieces.

Rear Window (1954)

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Classic film series update

Apparently Turner Classic Movies hired Michael Schwab to design their Summer Under the Stars campaign during the month of August. What a strange coincidence that I too am designing classic film pieces. Perhaps Schwab and I should team up? Maybe several years from now.

I’ll make sure I don’t create illustrations from any of the films TCM is promoting this month. Next in my Netflix list is “For Me and My Gal.” I believe it will be quite inspiring, but is it too soon to design Judy Garland again? Never!

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Classic film series: Wait Until Dark (1967)

My friend and long, lost, younger twin brother Rance Collins had a group of friends watch Wait Until Dark (1967) one year at college. He said it was scary. I didn’t believe it until close to the end of the movie where Audrey Hepburn’s blind character smashes all the lights in her apartment as she defends herself against Alan Arkin, who plays a very freaky criminal. What results from this scene is a most terrifying moment that tops my “movie scare moments” list.

Yesterday was Rance’s birthday, so happy birthday, brother. This one’s for you in all your Turner Classic Movies interning glory.

Wait Until Dark, 1967

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