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I didn’t know … Part 1

In honor of the Winter Olympics being in Canada, I am starting a series called “I didn’t know ______ is Canadian!”

Lately I’ve been learning that everyone and their mom is from Canada, and a lot of people in the entertainment industry hail from our neighbors to the north.

At the start of each week I will post blog, naming all the people whom I recently have discovered to be Canadians. And most of these will be thanks to my hours of Olympic sports viewing. Did you know Vancouver was four votes away from losing the winter games to South Korea?

This week, I didn’t know:

Michael Bublé
Nelly Furtado
Sarah McLaughlan
Loreena McKennitt
Michael J. Fox

… is Canadian!


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One Response

  1. Carol Mae says:

    Oh, this is fun!! More, more, more! :)

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