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The Road to the Academy Awards

The 82nd Academy Awards are coming late this year. Stars will gather at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on March 7, two weeks later than last year’s show. I’m not complaining, because it was moved so as not to conflict with the Winter Olympics, which is another love of mine.

Today the official voting ballots were sent out the the folks in the Academy. They have until March 2 to send the ballots back to PricewaterhouseCoopers. You know, they’re the people who come out during the ceremony and explain how voting works, and they’re not nearly as beautiful as the celebrities in the audience, so it’s a perfect time to run to the restroom.

This year, PWC has a new challenge to tackle: the 10 best pictures. Sandy Cohen (no, not from “The O.C.,” but rather the AP) wrote an article about how the process works, but I don’t think the piece was written very well, so I’ll translate.

The way PWC is going to count the best picture votes is different than previous years. Instead of people voting for one ultimate favorite film, voters will rank the pictures from one to 10, with one being the highest.

PWC will then organize the ballots into 10 groups, one for each film, based on the number one choice. The smallest pile after round one will be eliminated from the race. The elimination will continue by organizing the number two films, removing the movie with the fewest votes, moving on to number three, and so forth until “The Hurt Locker” — I mean, a film has the majority.

Sounds simple enough, but it also sounds like it will take about 10 times as long to find a winner. If it’s not worth the time, I suggest the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences goes back to five best picture nominees.

So far, I’ve seen five of the 10. I remember when seeing five of the nominees meant seeing them all. Ah, well. With this change, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to see each best picture nominee before every year’s show. I think the only years I have actually seen all five were 2006, when “The Departed” won, and 2007, when “No Country for Old Men” beat one of my favorite films, “There Will Be Blood.”

I have “A Serious Man” and “District 9” from Netflix right now, so I’ll have to watch them this weekend and up my best picture tank to 70 percent. How have you been doing with your watching? Any predictions?

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