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One week of classes left. Believe it. One week and three projects separate me from the halfway-to-my-masters point. And when I make it there, I’m going home for a month. And I’m going to work at Target/Starbucks for at least two weeks so I don’t get fired. Ah, corporate rules.

What I’m working on:

  • An audio slide show for advanced reporting. We are all putting together 2 minute personality profiles on someone from our semester beat. I chose to cover Justin Mertz, the marching band director and co-conductor of the symphony band. I have gathered all my content except for a few last minute photos of the band in concert (that’s Tuesday evening’s task). Justin’s a great subject, so I’m having a difficult time cutting things down to 2 minutes. It’ll probably run a bit longer.
  • A website re-design for Danny Brown Films. Danny was cool enough to suggest I do his re-design when I approached him about my final project in web design class (design for a client). It’s coming together really well. Look for it in the near future.
  • Research project. I’ve been managing the team in my research class that is looking at how to improve the content management system for The NewsHouse. Everyone has been doing some amazing research and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to everyone’s ideas and helping where needed. In the end, I’ll layout everyone’s reports so hopefully the presentation will be as strong as the research. It’s been a great experience … but next weekend will be crazy as I try to get everything together for our professor!

Before I head home on the 22nd (‘less a snow storm decides to come and delay the three flights it’s going to take for me to get home), I’ll have a week to work on Danny’s website, and I hope to go see several movies since so many good ones are out.

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