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Fall TV: Yes and No, Part 3


Gossip Girl (The CW): The crazy characters of Gossip Girl are back and I couldn’t me more happy. Things are just are drama-filled as ususual, and it mostly centers around Serena van der Woodsen, of course. Everyone is looking great, especially bad boy Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), though his heart seems to have softened a lot since the season 2 finale.

The only bad thing about the season 3 premiere? Dan Humphrey’s (Penn Badgley) hair-do. Seriously, man, just cut the hair. Maybe he will before everyone goes off to college in the next episode.

What’s the say? YES
to all the drama you’ll ever need. And, oh yes, Chuck Bass. Watch it Mondays at 9/8c, or, if you’re already watching Greek, online at later in the week.

The Jay Leno Show (NBC): It’s Jay in prime time! Am I the only one happy that there is a comedian on before I want to be asleep? I hope so, because I would love for Leno to succeed in this venture.

What was working tonight, in order of appearance:

  • Cheaters sketch with the Leno look-alike.
  • The car wash entertainment segment.
  • Jerry Seinfeld in a gorgeous suit and bow tie and Orpah via telecast.
  • Jay’s “interview” with President Obama. It was the best segment of the night.
  • An interview with Kanye West the day after he dissed Taylor Swift. Way to ask the tough questions, Jay. Way to make Kanye almost cry. I think Kanye needs to take some time off from his celebrity (and whatever he was drinking on the red carpet last night). Agree? Kanye does. Followed by …
  • … Jay-Z on Jay Leno, and Rihanna (post Chris Brown sentencing) performing with Kanye. Did I miss when this song was released? Rihanna had a little Lady Gaga face mask thing going on.
  • Headlines! I’m glad he kept this segment. I’ve always loved it.

What didn’t work:

  • Jay’s not behind a desk. He looks like Oprah, or Ellen, or Tyra. No, he doesn’t look like a woman, he just looks like he’s on an afternoon talk show.
  • The bright colors of the set. Too bright. Too pink, purple and blue.
  • Jay’s blue suit and blue tie. He’s blending into the blue chair. Good thing he’s not wearing blue shoes.

What’s the say? YES to earlier nights and good laughs. Watch it at 10/9c every weeknight, or tune in when the guests are particularly interesting.

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